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Book Report (Philippine History) 17 Rafael Francis F. Magcase February 6, 2015 8A Ms. Evy Book Title: HISTORICAL BULLETIN Article Title: MAKING PHILIPPINE HISTORY ALIVE Author: Ricardo C. Galang Copyright: 1991 by the Philippine Historical Association Philippine Social Science Center Commonwealth Avenue, Diliman Quezon City, Philippines Summary: The article that I chose is something that we need to do. We have to make Philippine History more fun for students so that they will learn more. The author of the article asked his son " Do you like Philippine History?" His son said " no It's a dead subject." A 'dead subject' is a boring subject according to the son of the author. I learned from the article…show more content…
My experience reading the book is also different from other books that I have read because while I am reading the book I get to learn the history of the Philippine. In other books we also learn something but this book it teaches you even more because it's an educational book. I don't read educational books that much but this book was really interesting and inspiring. It inspired me to learn more about Philippine history. This book made me understand Philippine History better. This book also made learning Philippine history more fun and we can still learn even if we are at home. For me this article is something important esoecially in our generation. Philippine history is something really important if you don't know anything about Philippine history it's like you're not a filipino because this is the story of your country and it is also your story. Before I didn't like history just like the kid of the author but this book really teaches you a lot some of the things that I read in the book was reall interesting because it was my first time to learn it. I learned a lot of facts in the book like: 1. Manila was not founded by Legaspi, for Manila was already in existence when he…show more content…
Every student who thinks Philippine history is dead and boring, will see that the subject, if taught properly by a good teacher, will not lull him/her to sleep. Making Philippine history alive and interesting is a major responsibility of the teacher. Resourcefulness has no limit except indifference and laziness. Reading the book really taught me a lot of new things. Lasallian Reflection: The Lasallian Graduate Attributes that I chose is Committed to Excellence and Competent. Committed to excellence and competent because if a subject isn't boring this will inspire us to do better and we will work and study harder. Not only students should be committed to excellence and competent but also teachers so that they will work harder to teach us and make the subject not boring. It will also inspire us to go to school prepared. It will also inspire us to listen to the teacher and do our assignments everyday. If we are committed to excellence and competent we will become better lasallians because we will start doing something productive rather than just playing video games or watching tv the whole day. Reading this book makes me want to learn and be curious about

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