Philippine History Research Paper

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Prehistory is defined as the “human history in the period before recorded events, known mainly through archaeological discoveries, study, research, etc.; history of prehistoric humans” by ( It is also defined as the “time before history was written down (” However, F. Landa Jocano describes prehistory, in the context of Philippine History, as “the fundamental preconditions for achieving a better understanding of the development of Philippine society and culture (F Landa Jocano, 1974)

According to Online Etymology Dictionary, the etymology of history goes as follows:
“late 14c., "relation of incidents" (true or false), from Old French estoire, estorie "story; chronicle, history" (12c., Modern
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However, looking into the actual definition of history, history is defined as the “a chronological record of significant events, often including an explanation of their cause…show more content…
The Western definition of history has its roots from different languages; “the French histoire (which derives from the Greek word for “inquiry” whose Indo-European root, wid, had given Gothic witan (German wissen, English wit) or “knowledge” and Sanskrit Veda or “knowledge par excellence, mystical knowledge”); or unlike even the German Geschichte (from geschehen “to happen,” as in a story of history, which are the meanings of the substantive)” (Atoy Navarro at Flordeliza Lagbao-Bolante, 2007). Basically, their meaning of History is based on
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