Philippine Tourism Case Study

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Chapter 1
Tourism has turned into a wonderful day-to-day existence of a huge number of people today (Averion et al., 2015). Tourism assumes an excellent part in the economic segment, prepared to offer an essential duty to the financial related advancement of a region and to the work advertise and makes occupation openings specifically and in a roundabout way through the supply of products and the important services for vacationer exercises (Zaei and Zaei, 2013). In addition, tourism produces social favorable circumstances to the district with the objectives that move can make to reduce the gathering response against explorers and tourism headway (Deery et al., 2011). Culturally, tourism considers a community enrichment; these credited
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Philippines ' tourism industry is flourishing throughout the years and making numerous open doors for the economy and the local people (Takashi et al., ND). The Philippines offers arranged tourism exercises and goals for visitors with different inclination, Philippine tourism industry is seen to progressively play a significant part in the country’s economic improvement (Jalani, 2012). As tourist arrival increases, additional income for the local people increases as consumptions of the basic necessities of the tourists that can be found on the destinations that are being consumed (Felicen et al., 2014; Ateinza et al, 2014).
One of the waterfalls in Negros Occidental is Mag-Aso Falls. The word Mag-Aso means “smoke”. The name fits well considering that Mag-Aso Falls discharges a smoke-like shower of fog while it falls down the natural pool with its turquoise green water (Negros Occidental Provincial Government Site).
Statement of the Problem
This study aims to know the impact of tourism on the locals near Mag-Aso falls in Kabankalan City. Specifically, it seeks to answer the following questions:
1.) What is the level of cultural, economic, environmental and social impacts of tourism in Mag-Aso Falls as perceived by the locals near the waterfalls when taken as a whole and grouped according to age and sex?
2.) Is there a significant difference in the cultural, economic, environmental and social impact of
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Researchers: this study may help the researchers know the impact of tourism on the locals near Mag-Aso falls in order for the researchers to assess the result and give recommendations for the growth and improvement of the area.

Future Researchers: The study could help vast the researchers’ new discoveries on the result that will widen their knowledge on giving solutions to the research problem. It will be easier for the researchers to conduct further research to enhance the study.

Cultural- Conceptually, it alludes to the practices enhances encounters, broadens horizon, and builds understanding and thankfulness for various ways to deal with living (Kreag, 2001).
Operationally, this term is used to determine the effect of tourism to the tradition that has been preserved by the locals.
Economic- Conceptually, it is an increase of employment opportunities, generate income and raise standards of living. Contributes boundless in the group which makes new business openings such improvement advantage vacationers and locals alike (Kreag,

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