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The Problem and Its Background
One of the fastest growing service businesses in the Philippines today is hotel. In 2013 annual survey, short-term accommodation was the second to the highest number of establishment in the country (PSA 2016). Hotel is a form of buildings, symbols, corporate or business entity that provides service lodging, food and beverage and other service facilities where all services are intended for the general public, both those who stay overnight or those who simply use certain facilities owned by the hotel (Love 2011).
Hotel is a service type of business that provides tangible and intangible products. Tangible products are evident where everyone can see, feel, smell and taste such as the food and
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As the business traveler's hotel, strategically located and offers a high level of personal service. It also focuses on offering guests added value like shuttle services and breakfast buffet. Also, it has variety of personal service to all types of guests. Providing quality hotel experience where guests are valued, respected and their business is truly appreciated. The primary focus has been on mass communication via print ads in trade publications and on the Internet. Direct mail campaigns to existing and prospective clients and personal selling in the local market. Personal selling provides the means to develop relationships within the local community and generate high levels of corporate activity through the business community. Public relations through Discover Binondo plays an important role in the marketing mix, presenting the hotel as a supportive member of the community and participating in significant local events to assist in developing ongoing cooperation, assures repeat business and good working…show more content…
Review, study and assess the strategic marketing of other hotels can be an opportunity for Ramada Manila as their competitors. According to industry news ( 2007), Sofitel reveals its ambitious strategy to elevate the brand into the premium-end of the international luxury hotel market. The brand aims to become a new global reference in international luxury hotel and become the first European luxury hotel brand. In terms of redefining the product and reshaping the network, the hotel has worked relentlessly to redefine each element of the brand with focus on luxury service standards, innovations and designs with developing its uniqueness. Sofitel’s unique positioning in the international hotel industry, fifty-five percent of hospitality market offer in upscale to luxury segment as they want their consumers to experience unique sensations and pleasures to increase memorable experiences when staying at the hotel. As regards to marketing and communications, Sofitel strongly support the brand positioning. It was created a symbol-the-link connecting the world, countries and

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