Emilio Philippines

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In the year of 1899, America ended the war it had been raging against Spain in regards to the freedom of the Philippine islands and its inhabitants. The United States supported the Filipinos with military assistance in hopes of liberating the islands from the control of Spain. With the eventual defeat of the Spanish army, America faced with the decision to annex the Philippines or to grant them their freedom and control regarding self government rule. President McKinley was an honest man and definitely had a look out for his country and anything that could benefit them and help them prosper. After the Spanish fleet was dealt with and were no more, it had opened up the best opportunity to gain control of the Philippines. One of the thoughts…show more content…
What was the independence of the people? It’s self governing, self sufficient and self controlled. Emilio saw all of this potential amongst the Filipino people, but the Americas doubted them. The Americans saw the Filipino country as lacking the governmental security needed to rule themselves. According to Emilio, America saw his people as incompetent, ignorant savages. The United States fought for their freedom of independence and liberty by leading a great example of power and dominance to make their country what it is today. Emilio spoke, “Now, here is a unique spectacle - the Filipinos fighting for liberty, the American people fighting for them to give them liberty… you promised us your aid and protection in our attempt to form a government of the United State… ” (Aguinaldo’s Case Against the United States, Textbook Voices of Freedom, 537). Emilio saw none of this as a simple aid by the United States, but rather as a conquering of his people and their way of life. He was waiting for a clear opportunity for his country to become enriched with ideas and power to provide stability among the Filipinos, but the American people didn’t believe this was going to come
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