Philips Aspiration

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Chapters 1-14 Comp Questions

At the start of the novel Philips aspiration is to be on the high school track team. He seems positive about his chances because the track coach complimented on his talents, beaus the middle school teacher said he was a good. (Avi, 3)
Narwin is an extremely experienced teacher, and taught the principal of the school. (Avi, 18) She is at the point in her career where she can retire, but she loves her job to much to do that. Her abundance of experience can be good, because she knows how to teach things in the best possible way, but it is can be bad because her teaching style is not as modern other teachers.
What frustrates Narwin most about Philip is that he is a very smart boy, but does not put in his full effort, also he does not follow the rules and never listens to her in homeroom. Lunser on the other hand, threatened to have Philip sing solo which is against the rules in his homeroom class. (Avi, 8)
Philips writing style is creative. (Avi, 9) His writing style proves that he does not try in school. He has the creative ability to write well and receive good grades, but he refuses to put his full effort in because of his teacher. (Avi, 16)
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Malloy came home from work and told his wife how he kept his mouth shut so he would not be in his bosses "bad books". He stated, "Mr. Malloy: Some job estimate went wrong. Wasn 't even anything I did. Mrs. Malloy: I hope you stood up for yourself. Mr. Malloy: Are you kidding?" (Avi, 67) An hour later he had completely changed his mind about standing up to people and told his son, "Mr. Malloy: Phil, listen to me. Don 't give in to that crap. Don 't let them push you around. Singing the… There must be some mistake. Philip Malloy: That 's the way she is. Mr. Malloy: You have to stick up for yourself. That 's all there is to it. Phil, do what you feel is right. We 'll stand by you." Mr. Malloy is being ironic, because an hour earlier he was telling Mrs. Malloy how he shouldn 't stand up
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