Philis Wheatley Poem

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To understand the real meaning of a literary work, we need to look into the meaning of each word and why the author has chosen these particular words and not different ones. Close reading of literary works helps us understand the author’s thinking and understanding of the time they lied in. One of the American poet and author of the 18th century, Phillis Wheatley, she was one of the most famous poets who changed the life of most Americans. Wheatley’s most famous poem is “On Being Brought from Africa to America”. To look in more detail into this specific poem, first thing is the language that she uses, second the form and style of the poem, and lastly what message she is trying to get to her audience. However, in this essay the main focus will be on the last three lines of the poem. The significance of these lines are the way she is trying to describe the black society or how the black society is seen. Philis Wheatley was an African who was brought to America as a slave and was adopted by an American family. She then was educated and taught how to read and write, in which for her it was a privilege. Wheatley was the first African-American to write and publish her poems. Although most of her poems addresses Christianity and not race, she tends to have themes of race as well. Her style of writing is shown to be inspired by Neo-Classical writers and poets. All of her poems are in Iambic pentameter and each line rhymes. She is known for using reason, form and restrain. Her
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