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The Many Things To Do On a Phillip Island Trip Phillip Island is just 90 km away from the well-loved city Melbourne. The locals and foreign tourist love this island; you can do many things -- an all-in-one holiday destination. So, if you have been looking for a place to spend the weekend with your family; Phillip Island is the best place, and you will never get bored with it. Wildlife, boat rides, birds, local markets, heritage, koalas, whales, sharks, golf, and much more the do with your family. No matter you have kids or teenagers; they will love this place. In this article, we explain the things you can do on a Phillip Island Trip. Well, if you just have a day for a fun time; you can do many things on the island within 24 hours. * Eat: Local cafes, restaurants, hotels, and coffee shops start serving food from 6.30 am. So, you can start the day with a full breakfast. You will need the energy to perform activities such cycling and golfing. Madcowes Café, Cheeky Goose Café, and Island Whole Foods (for vegans and vegetarians.) These local cafes serve classics such as egg/toast, coffee, gluten/dairy free food, and pancakes. You don't need to worry about preparing breakfast at home. You can try food from these local cafes as for a change, and your kids will love it. * Go-karts: One of the favorites on a…show more content…
Well, you may already have seen these cute creatures in the zoo, but this experience is different. On the Phillip Island, you can get close to koalas. Koalas are lazy creatures that live for over 20 hours a day. Seeing them active is your luck. Koala conservation center is one of the best places on the island for your kids. You can see Australia's native birds too (also, wallabies and echidnas.) Opening hours - 10am-5pm all year (closed for Christmas.) The island officials usually extend the opening hours during summer to compensate the

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