Phillip Noyce's 'The Giver'

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The Giver has some great giving news! Phillip Noyce is “movie crazy” which is a good thing because he’s unique compared to other directors! Since a early age Noyce, has experience with using cameras in his teenage years. Noyce has continued to make short documentaries on the more offbeat aspects of Australian life. The author Lois Lowry is a successful woman because she has written more than 20 books and with some novels, she has received award-winning awards. She earned the Newbery Award for her novel “Number the Stars.” The movie adaptation of her novel, “The Giver” which had Brenton Thwaites as Jonas the main character in the novel and Jeff Bridges as The Giver. The title character was played by Meryl Streep as the Chief Elder. In the movie
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