Phillis Wheatley: Breaking Free

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A part of breaking free is is making educated decisions and thinking for yourself. Phillis Wheatley was a slave who had a wonderful talent. Phillis was blessed because she was taught how to read and write, most black people at that time didn’t get the opportunity to learn. If she wouldn’t have been taught to read and write she would've been just another slave that no one would ever hear of. Phillis would have never been famous or been able to have a better life if she hadn’t had an education. As Americans, living in today's world and this society, it is going to be very helpful to have an education. If I want a good job where I can support myself, I’m going to need a good education. No education leads to no money, and to live a healthy life some money is required. Being educated leads to better lives, and you can help others by being educated.

Breaking free can be learning from your past, the mistakes and the good things, or from
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Going from your parents buying everything for you, to having to buy everything yourself can be a hard transition. That transition may take some self-control. Working hard and saving the money I earn will get me what I need. Working hard will get me what I need, but it’s my choice if I’m going to save it or buy something I don’t really need. When you have very little money is when you will realise that you need to save your money. In Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography, he didn’t have money. He could barely pay for food to eat, but he still was kind enough to pay the people on the boat for giving him a ride. All of the money Ben Franklin had on his journey was saved from before he left. In his Poor Richard’s Almanack he wrote “A penny saved is a penny earned”(Ben Franklin 135). This quote means a lot. It means that you have to save the money you have earned, but it also means if you have the willpower to save your money, it was well earned

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