Phillis Wheatley's Interpretation Of Death

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What is the death? What happens after a person dies? How is it that a reoccurring experience like death is so vaguely understood? Granted that most people understand the concept of death in most people can explain the cause of death, however there still lies the fear of the unknown after death. What is most alarming is not just the unknown of death, but the reality of loss for the loved one who is left behind? Because of uncertainty, many people have tried to explain to the living what lies after death, yet the sad reality is that no one truly knows what’s beyond mortality. Phillis Wheatley try to explain her interpretation of death and her poem title, “a funeral poem on the death of C. E. An infant of 12 months”. Wheatley’s metaphoric description of Heaven transforms the literary meaning of the word from a place into an abstract concept of the mental faculties of her mind. Wheatley also reveals to The Reader through her poem that she is experiencing the five stages of grief.…show more content…
On page 80 lines one and two she states that, through airy world’s he wins his instant flight (line 1-2 page 80). She goes on to mention of, “pure regions of celestial light” (line 1 page 80). The two faces that stood out in this part was and “celestial light” (lines 1-2 pg.80). The phrase “airy roads” (line 1 page 80) is making reference to her train of thought which is as free and lofty as air. The reference to “celestial light” (line 2 pg. 80) connotes the spiritual thought that she is engaging
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