Philo T Farnsworth Biography

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Who was the Father of Television? Philo T Farnsworth, inventor of the Television. Philo is a great role model for anyone who wants to succeed in life. He was able to overcome hardships at a young age and invent many of the things we take for granted today. At a young age Philo was creating new inventions to better the world. Philo Tanner Farnsworth was born August, 19th 1906 in a log cabin outside the town of Indian Springs, Utah to his father Lewis Edwin and mother Serena Bastian. When Philo was a child he never showed the stereotypical signs of a genius. Philo was fascinated as a child by technologies of the time, especially the telephone. Philo talked to his aunt, who was more than half a state away, on the telephone and it sounded as if she was right there next to him. This left Philo with many questions. His father explained to him that inventions like the telephone, and the light bulb were created by men who dedicated their lives to their work, and they were known as “inventors”. As a teenager Philo…show more content…
At this time there were twelve radio stations in Salt Lake, however the demand for repairmen was not very high. He started working on a street cleaning crew and became very familiar with every road in the city. George Everson and Leslie Gorrell, owners of a charitable organization based in California, took notice to Philo and employed him as a supervisor in the mass-mailing operations. While working for Everson and Gorrell, Philo would discuss his ideas for the electronic television. Impressed with his knowledge Everson and Gorrell decided to fund Philo’s research and development of the television. On May 27th, 1926 Philo married Elma G. “Pem” Farnsworth, who became his assistant. Pem would take care of all correspondents and became and expert draftswomen. She would draw most of the technical drawings used by
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