John Harris Survival Lottery

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Philosopher John Harris, proposed the experiment of the survival lottery. The survival lottery basically says that if two people (Y and Z) are facing death and could be saved by killing one other person (A) and using their organs for transplant, then we should go ahead and kill A to save the lives of the ones who need the organ transplants. The argument he is making is based strictly on the grounds that the number of lives saved would greatly outway the number of lives that were taken from individuals. Some basic assumptions would need to be made as well. First off, each life would have to be assumed to be of equal value, two lives saved are more valuable than the killing of a single life, the two lives would have to be cured and of a better…show more content…
Safety and security has gone back to members we used to call the “watchman” who were some of the first figures we started to develop as law enforcement figures to keep the society safe (Schmalleger 6). This is so important in today 's world as it tries to sure up fairness for life, land, and the pursuit of happiness, as it states in the United States’ Declaration of independence. This is such an important concept to have in our society as the US became somewhat of a model for the rest of the world after our declaration. This need for safety and security also stretches into the reasons for why we have our military. For obvious reason as keeping our country safe to the reasons of us still interacting in other countries to allow them and their people work towards having a fair system of which they can feel safe and secure. This ideology could also bring up another problem that could be a direct cause of this program, and that would be a rise in crime. A huge reason for crime deterrence in our country is knowing that if you do commit a crime, you will be handled and dealt with, in a swift manner that is justified for the violence you have commited. For most people, the thought of punishment, and or death is enough to deter someone for committing a serious violent crime. If you were to add to our society the possibility of losing your life for a reason that is “justified” to our country, even though you have committed no wrongdoing, would increase the likelihood of someone commiting a crime solely because they know there is a chance in their death without any wrong doing on their
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