Philosophers: Anselm, Guanilo, And Thomas Aquinas

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Philosophers such as Anselm, Guanilo, and Thomas Aquinas debate the existence of God. Anselm one of the philosophers gives an example of God's presence with a comparison of God's existence to the painter's idea of the painting because the concept of the painting has always existed. In disagreement, someone could not compare the existence of God to a painter's artwork because they are not the same. Thomas Aquinas the other philosopher would argue in another way that everything that has breath for this reason God does exist.
These three philosophers Anselm, Guanilo along with Thomas Aquinas present their arguments describing the existence of God, but not everyone would agree with their views. One philosopher Thomas Aquinas gives the better
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—God is that than which nothing greater can be conceived. —That which can be conceived not to exist is not God." One can see why God can be considered to seem inconceivable, but some may agree if one knows God that God is conceivable. In suggestion, Sin is one reason God sent Jesus to live on this earth, so we can see with our own eyes that there is a God, but at the same time, there will be those who still choose not to believe in God's existence. The weakness of Anselm argument is, he says he believes in God and seeks God at the same time Anselm thinks that it is hard to seek God when he cannot see God. He is trying to find God, but yet he does not fully understand why he should seek God. God has always been right there we just do not see him as a tangible object that we can touch. Anselm compares God's existence to a painting, but a painting could be considered a physical object that all of a sudden exists from an artist's imagination as in comparison to God's creation, not his existence. God has always been alive on this earth and in heaven, so how can God be compared to a painting that all of sudden…show more content…
We can stop to think about what we can physically do as humans and consider that God made us from dirt to believe there is a God. This idea in regards to the proof that there is a God who he created us. One could say it is our human nature to wrestle with the fact that God does not exist or not because it is who we are as humans to think that God does not exist. There are great philosophers such as Aristotle and Agustin who try their hardest to prove that God does not exist. Subsequently, on the Big Bang theory, some people who were genuinely disturbed, such as Einstein, who wrote privately, "This circumstance of an expanding universe irritates me…To admit such possibilities seems senseless." The big bang theory makes our existence as humans as if it were no big deal to have life running through our
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