Philosophical Approach To Political Science

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The word politics has a vast origin many Greek thinkers made many contributions in this field of political science. The word politics is a combination of two words ‘polis’ which means a city a state and science which means study of something. Political science itself is the study of state and government. The subject matter related to political science is really vast in political science we study the relation of men and the state the structure of state the rules regulations and what’s happening in a state management of the government and the population. The activities of the state working of the state many political researchers came and defined political science in different ways like a French theorist named Paul Janet defined
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Historical approach: historical approach is related to history as the name indicates historical so it is related to the history it focuses on the study of political realities to analyze differrnt political situation history tells us about the past and the pros and cons related to the past we can link past events to the looking and examining the past political events and scenerios we can look into the present and future.
Institutional approach: this approach deals with the study of political institutions and structures Aristotle contributed much in this approach it deals with the structures like political parties,executive,judiciary etc it deals with the government functions of government how they work and how they are formed it concentrates on the groups and its activities but on the other hand it is not good because it neglects the individuals present in the
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Post behaviouralisim: Post-behaviouralism trusted that the utilization of logical devices is helpful on the off chance that it can tackle the different issues of the general public. Behaviouralists gave excessively accentuation on strategies and methods and trusted that it was smarter to not be right than obscure. Post-behaviouralists then again, trust that it is smarter to be unclear than non-pertinently exact. The post-behaviouralists censured behaviouralism on the ground that the last had put some distance between the substances of the general public due to over accentuation on methods. Accordingly, post-behaviouralists might be viewed as the change development inside behaviouralism. Post Behavioralism is an approach that accentuates, that political science research ought to be significant, that will be, that it should address critical political issues,that science and qualities are inseparably associated; and that political science ought not look to show itself on the strict use of logical strategies utilized as a part of the normal sciences whereby explore is driven solely by that which can be lessened to barely characterized questions testable by the most thorough, most particular logical systems by and by accessible. Postbehavioralists responded against what they translated as behaviorism unnecessary dependence on the immaculateness of logical exactness to the detriment of "pertinence." This approach has a place with the classification of present day approach. This

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