Philosophical Framework In Social Research Theory

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PANTE, BRUCE MARTIN F. 1. Philosophical framework is a significant part of social research that involves the concepts of viewing the social world in terms of a particular framework. The commonly philosophical framework used in a social research are postmodernism, symbolic interactionism, and functionalism. These philosophical frameworks address the epistemology and ontological positions of a social research that shows the objective and perspective of the researcher on the understanding of the reality of the research being tackled on. 2. Postmodernism – This philosophical framework refers to the postmodernity period where scientists strived onto by exploring, explaining, and analyzing the concept of the world. This is a principal position…show more content…
Plagiarizing someone’s work shows incompetence and wickedness of the research project together with its researcher. • Validity – In a research project, all the evidence and data gathered must be valid. The validity of a research project represents how truthful, reasonable, and useful the research is. • Power – This ethical issue conveys the power or expertise and knowledge in conducting a research. Having the title “researcher” means that one has an understanding and higher knowledge in performing their research project. • Transparency – In conducting a research project, the researcher/s should be open and transparent with their project to everyone so that any potential harms or mistakes done will be revised and checked accordingly. It will be a good way to review if there are issues encountered that were not recognized by the researcher since it could be checked by a research supervisor or any participants of the research project. 5. Ethical reflection is a reflection by the researcher in each part of the research project on the ethical issues that have encountered and how each of those was treated…show more content…
A research proposal should include an introduction of the research project. It should start to have ideas that are ought to be defined and refined in the process. The scope and delimitations of the study should be included as it is one of the most important steps in conducting a research project. The conceptual framework should take place in this part of the research proposal. Secondly, the proposal should also specify its aims and objectives. The research question developed in the conceptualization of ideas could be re-stated and formed as an aim of the research. Thirdly, a research proposal should contain a theoretical framework. It contains all review of relevant literature that is useful for the development of the research project. Fourthly, an outline of a methodological framework should be a part of a research proposal. The methodology should contain an illustration of the population of the study, the number and size of the population, and data collection method used in performing the research project. 9. The research project should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound in order to be a viable research project. The topic of one’s research project should also be in his/her personal interest because it will be easier to perform, unlike other topics that the researcher doesn’t have an engagement and knowledge

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