Philosophy Of Palliative Care

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Discuss the philosophy and principles of Palliative Care;
Palliative care is the relief of suffering of the serious ill or dying. The word “palliative” comes from the Latin word pallium meaning a cloak, so in effect you are cloaking the pain & suffering of an illness and giving comfort to the patient to die with dignity.
End of life care is care of the person in the final days of their life. It is short–term/finite, and at the very end of palliative care. You are easing their transit into death, there is no hope of stalling the process, and you are trying to make the process more comfortable and less stressful.
Cancer is a transformation of some of the cells in the body from normal to abnormal tumorous cells. The process may vary from slow
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Explore differing attitudes to death and dying to include an understanding of individual patterns of grief, bereavement and loss;
Individuals usually go through the Kubler-Ross model/pattern of grief/loss:
 Stage 1. Denial…deny the loss to avoid the pain
 Stage 2. Anger…lash out /blame someone/God for the injustice
 Stage 3. Bargaining…try to control it/ “If… I will…”
 Stage 4. Depression…realization of loss
 Stage 5. Acceptance…you learn to deal with it
All the people involved in the dying/palliative care process will be sensitive around the death of a client because:
 Emotional involvement/attachment
 Emotions are raw/exposed/on the surface
 It remind us all of our own mortality
 Loss/grief/pain/hurt/sadness/guilt: all are intense feelings
 It may bring back, pass loss of other loved-ones
 For some it may be their 1st major loss, they may not be coping

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