ECEC Pedagogy: How Learning Happens

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Professional Philosophy Regarding ECEC Pedagogy: How Learning Happens
Zubaida Abubaker

My philosophy related to my profession is deeply inspired and rooted in my belief in each child’s potential. I believe that every child is an abled body, and the expectations we attached with them usually leads to a self fulfilling prophecy. If I will believe a child is able, I will work hard to make it possible, but if my expectations are otherwise, the result will prove it too. I have spent a substantial part of my life taking care of children around me as well as my own children. I believe that children are our best teachers who made us aware of our own potentials and vulnerabilities. Moreover, my interactions with children has changed my practise and
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Whether this respect comes as an advocacy for my profession or fighting for my rights at any platform. Whether this respect is for my own child or for the children of others in my care. I believe that every individual deserves the respect irrespective of their gender, cultural background, colour, race or ethnicity. Ridiculing, making fun of others and letting others down are certainly the worst gestures I despise in human beings. I feel this is where we lose our humanity. “Respect doesn't happen in isolation; it's based in relationships”(CITE) says it all. The best gift anyone can give to others is by accepting the person as they are. Moreover, it creates an environment where people get comfortable and they grow and become more engaged in their surroundings because they feel belonged. In practise, I had taught students for two years, and came across with students with different potentials. It never occurred to me that one student is; less than the other, sometimes students do need extra support but eventually every child is able to reach the goal at their own pace, so it becomes a challenge for me to try my cent percent to enable that student to reach their full…show more content…
After being aware of all that happened in the past due to our faulty educational system, and what intergenerational trauma is causing the community at present, I feel myself in debt of paying it forward to decrease the effects. Currently and in future, I see myself doing something in the childcare industry to promote the culturally responsive program for our First Nation people. I believe education is our only way forward to fix our mistakes and where to start best but with our children. Robert Laboucane emphasized this fact by saying, “First Nations are asking no more or no less than being allowed to benefit from a quality education that is comparable to that of all other Canadian children.” (CITE)By doing this, we will develop the long lost trust in the educational system and educational
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