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I would like to describe philosophy of education by explaining philosophy and education as two different subjects which have simlar basic principles. When these are gathered, that is the philosophy of education. I have mentioned here how philosophy of education is use full to education in different ways fulfilling partucular objectives. And I have described the branches of philosophy, in that we can observe why the philosophers joined philosophy and education. And how the education wants the philosophy if there is the education but there is no philosophy no use with the education, because there is no proper way of the education.

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Phylosophy of education teach us the inductrination of the education. Uneducated people also can be follow the philosophy but they do not follow the ethics but they will follow many of the things but we are learning ethics that is the philosphy of education. Philosophy of education is the basic knowldge of the growth. Then we are applying that in the society, that means it is going into the society and giving the philosophy and bringing the certain meaning of the education. So my openion about the philosophy of education is both are very important, but we cannot say that both are same, because of there is the certain meaning of education but there is no certain meaning of the philosophy but it is mentioned in the education. Philosophy is the supported material of the education. Though who are framing the curriculum they will follow the philosophy and they will write the curriculum.

PHILOSOPHY OF EDUCATION BRANCHES: Already I mentioned about the branches of philosophy without branches of philosophy there is no certain meaning of philosophy and no meaning of education. Eg: Take the mango tree when there is no branches for that tree we donot get the mangos like that when there is no branches for the philosophy in education is that nothing use.

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