Nursing Education Philosophy

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Philosophy of Nursing Education
Philosophy of nursing is statements of belief about nursing and expression of value in nursing profession that are used as bases for thinking.
Nursing philosophy signifies the belief or system of the profession that provides its perspective for practice.
Nursing philosophy examines the relationship between truth and ideals in nursing. The examination of theses truth and ideals leads to beliefs that form the framework for nursing practice.
Nursing philosophy forms the frame of reference for the scientific view of the nursing process through the development of a logical body of scientific evidence.
Philosophy of nursing education is the written statement of the believes, attitudes, values and ideas which the faculty
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Pragmatism trend in education is identified as progressivism in education and the school based on pragmatic ideas was known as progressive school. There is no final aim or objective as there is no finality about life. Education becomes the laboratory of life where everything is done in laboratory. Pragmatism concentrates in life centred curriculum. The learners should learn by doing and problem-solving. Cooperative group work should be entertained. The learner is an active participant in the business, investigating, enquiring, learning, and testing. Self-discipline that has to be cultivated in learner and this should be developed through involving the students in the moral aspect of the classroom. The school should be little or less of society where a student gets a real experience to act and behave according to their interests.

Education as a Process
Education can be viewed as a bipolar process, tri polar process or a multi polar process. Bipolar process - Education is the end result of interaction between the educator or teacher and the student.
i. Tri polar process – It involves the interaction between the student, the teacher and the social environment. ii. Multi polar process – Education is influenced by several factors along with the teacher, student and the social environment. iii. Life long Process – Education is now interpreted not as referring to an initial period of training of youth, but to continual and lifelong
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Liberation as the ultimate goal of life: the ultimate aim or goal of philosophy is to liberate from the suffering vi. Spiritualistic: However, the idea of spiritual liberation is highly considered. That is everything is dependent on spiritual and can be tackled spiritually.

Needs of Nursing Philosophy
Below are the basic needs for nursing philosophy
a. Patients are aware of their rights; it’s unethical to distort it. Need arises to frame clear philosophy to safe guard their right. Therefore, nurses should endeavour to maintain and respect the patient rights to promote professionalism of action.
b. Needs arises of framing nursing philosophy to direct all individuals effort in appropriate direction. Nurses should ensure that the effort are made to propagate the achievement of purpose through philosophical channelling of direction.
c. Nursing field compose of different persons from different race, religion, geographical background, etc. So nurses should maintain and be sure that there is no room for racism irrespective of background.
d. Different individual have different views. So when need arises to frame a common institutional philosophy so that different views can be directed to same philosophical
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