Personal Philosophy Of Nursing In Practice

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Personal Philosophy of Nursing in Practice
(All information in this case study has been altered to protect the patient 's identity.)
Student nurse Michelle and her preceptor are assigned to 89 year old Mrs. Chan who has just been admitted onto the medical unit for a urinary tract infection. Mrs. Chan speaks minimal English, and has her daughters with her to translate throughout the day shift, and to have a day of celebration for the Lunar New Year. Upon morning assessment, Mrs. Chan 's vital signs were stable, except for her blood pressure which was a little higher than normal. Mrs. Chan 's daughters asked to be told what their mother 's blood pressure was every morning, as they liked to keep track. When the reading came up on the vital signs
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When envisioning where I may end up as a nurse, I continually come back to the idea of dwelling. Dwelling is one of the key aspects of Rosemarie Parse 's nursing theory, and it has proved to be very important to me as a nurse. Based upon this, I can see myself working in healthcare settings that are much slower, and allow for a relationship to develop with the patient. I choose to have my nursing practice focus on being in the moment with the patient, as the nurse is a major part of the patients health experience. I can see myself working in a calm and slow-paced unit, either with the elderly or people in rehabilitation. I think that I find my true passion for nursing when I have time to sit with people in the hard moments of life and offer a listening ear and open heart. I think that fast-paced nursing will allow me to become organized and sharp with my clinical skills, but I do not find a great deal of fulfillment through it. If I did have to work for a short time in a fast-paced environment, I would still be able to gain valuable skills, and this would allow me to strengthen my weaknesses and enable me to become a well-rounded nurse. By having time to talk to patients, and discover parts of their story and how they view their health would allow me to truly satisfy my personal philosophy of nursing. I will choose to see glimpses of the Lord 's glory in the littlest moments of the day, whether that includes helping a patient transfer, talking to a patient 's family member, or documenting. I will choose to show my patients the love that I have so graciously experienced from our Saviour Jesus, as they are true image bearers of God. I will choose to show compassion, empathy, and love towards my patients, and see them for the whole person that they are, and not solely their diagnosis or
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