Phishing Is An Abbreviation Of Internet Vandalism

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To this day, whenever we talk about internet vandalism, remind us viruses, worms, hackers, etc. Today a technique can be introduced which is used to cheat naïve users. Phishing can be an Abbreviation of Password Harvesting Fishing. Phishing is a social engineering crime which Uses impersonation and playing another role to obtain personal information (Whittaker et al, 2010). Damage caused by phishing includes Loss of an Internet subscription to empty bank account. In total it is costly for victims. First victim was a Internet Service Providing Company: AOL. On behalf of the company, some letters were sent to other victims cautioning them about multi-user use of their internet account. Designed by ill-mannered individuals with the intention of representing legal commerce websites, E-banking phishing websites are false ones, requesting financial information from users in an apparently genuine way (Aburrous et al, 2010). Figure 1 illustrates its workflow. (Dordevic and Dordevic, 2010) Figure 1. Course of execution of a phishing attack Phishing attacks can be classified into various types according to their implementation. The different types of them are designed by Edraw Max software in the puzzle slices in figure 2 and their descriptions are illustrated in the rectangles. (Gaurav and Anurag, 2012) Figure 2: Different types of phishing attacks According to the studies performed by experts some of such attacks have been done through URL and domain identity. Based on

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