Phlebotomist Essay

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Phlebotomist This paper explores three published articles, five books, and one internet website that report on results about a phlebotomist. A phlebotomist is a clinical laboratory technician who draws blood samples from patients of all ages. According to, DeLaet(2013) and Phillips, L., & Gorski, L. (2014), the type of work that a phlebotomist performs is drawing blood from the vein using Venipuncture and capillary puncture. A phlebotomist must know how to apply a tourniquet on the patient’s arm, locate a vein, and insert a needle correctly. Another frequent procedure done by a phlebotomist is the capillary puncture. According to DeLaet (2014), “capillary puncture is performed when no veins are accessible”(p. 131). Other responsibilities and duties of a phlebotomist include maintaining a clean and safe working environment, keeping records using a computer, and labeling blood samples correctly. According to Delaet (2014), “Phlebotomist duties…show more content…
It will not be difficult for a phlebotomist to find a job in the future because employment of phlebotomist is expected to grow 27 percent from 2012 to 2022. This is a much faster rate compared to other occupations. The median earning for a phlebotomist is $13 per hour and $27,040 per year. Fremgen, B., & Blume, W. (2000) and Ballance, L. O. (2010) propose that phlebotomists have many advancement opportunities which include providing health benefits. Advancement opportunities require a phlebotomist to continue their education. Continuing education will help keep phlebotomist up to date with new technology. These programs are available in workshops and attending in-service programs. A phlebotomist can also become certified because employers prefer professional certification. According to the Medical Laboratory Observer (2007)
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