Phlebotomy Reflection

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The three areas of the tutorial I notice that I am confident in is the Phlebotomy, Part 1: Collections tutorial on Equipment Assembly 1 tutorial, demonstrates procedures before and then assembling the equipment to the patient. These procedures includes identifying yourself, greet the patient, explain the procedures to the patient, and then assembling the equipment by place the equipments next to the patient, making sure you are washing your hands. Equipment Assembly 2 tutorial, demonstrates how to performing a venipuncture by figuring out which arm to use on a patient and how to position infusion sets, or arrange the equipment. Equipment Assembly 3 tutorial, demonstrates the seven ways to perform the venipuncture by wearing disposable latex…show more content…
Mistakes in Collection and Handling 2 tutorial, demonstrates when leaving a tourniquet for more than 60 minutes (1 hour) it can cause ratio of cells to liquid altered as well as causing hemolysis that trouble with light wave test. Mistakes in Collection and Handling 3 tutorial, demonstrates the performance failures includes incorrect draw order, incorrect tube, incorrect physical handling, expired collection tubes, along with failure to property prepare a patient. As a result, make sure you are documenting the patient draws, medication, site of administration, injections, etc. to prevent any of these failures in collecting and handling phlebotomy.
The ideas and ways that I can improve in the areas of weakness; including more time with the instructor, more hand-in-hand time, tutorial, reviewing, and etc. I need more demonstrates tutorials on the correct ways to collecting and handling phlebotomy. I assume view the demonstration repeatedly I can automatic get a complete understanding of this topic, review constantly in class, and studying making pictured flashcards, or using Quizlet is also another way I can improve the areas of

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