Phlebotoy Case Study

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If you have been conteeplatng about the concept of breaking into the meedical field and have pateince, people skills and great attenton to detail, keep reading. Phlebotoy has beeen regarded as one of the most practical approaches to utilzie when it comes to entering the medical field. Phlebotomists, are tasked with the responsibility of drawing blood from pateints for transfusions, donations, research and medical/clinical testing as well. Due to the fast past natrue of the position as well as the importance of it, pursing a career path withn this particular position can prove to be highly lucractive. Lets take a look at why you should consider this postion as a bviable oppruntity to utilzie, when ti comess to breaking into entering the medical industry. Rapid Certification When you look at the fact that on average, a phlebotomist can earn anywhere from $17 an hour to $29 an hour, you may assue that this position requires an exntenive amount of schooling. However, in all acutlaity, all that an iidnvual needs to become elible for emplyment for this postion, is a GEd and the phlebtotmy tech certficate which can be aquired in as liittle as one month. Phlebotomist Are Highly Important…show more content…
This is because when you pursue a career or job path that is of some importance, it can help to promote a general overall feeling of euphoria, that you are actually doing something to make a difference. What phlebotomist do are eextremly important. Transfusions in itself save millions of lifes on a uyealy basis. Addional, blood banks are important extremly important to the memebers of the community as a whole. As such, if you want to pursue a career in which you can make a difference or littrearly save dozens and eventually hundreds of lives, this may be the ideal way for you to do
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