Phm-314 Week 1 Reflection

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I learn three things after completing the PHM-314 class:  I will hold and promote changes that increase patient center care.  I will use my knowledge, ability, experience and importance to organize the next group of peer pharmacist.  I will improve my professional knowledge and proficiency.  Based on my observation and an experience, I learned that hospital setting is something I am truly interested in and for this reason I joined PSSNY organization to learn more about hospital research program or clinical base information. I surprised to learn two things: • Pharmacist play major role in multidisciplinary health care system. • Pharmacist in direct contact with healthcare provider and make immense impact on population • They are the health reformers who focus on patient care services to achieve better health care.…show more content…
I have learned that I will do the two years residency program in infectious disease. I like to work with doctors and I can use my clinical knowledge to help patient in their need. I will make sure that patient receives the higher positive health outcome from their
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