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Phobia is an irrational fear, a type of anxiety disorder in which the individual has an overwhelming and unreasonable fear of a situation, living creature, place or thing. Phobia is one of the most common kind of anxiety disorder. Phobia affect many kind of people across age, social class, nationality, gender, culture, and ethnicity. “The National Institute of Mental Health estimated in 2011 that between 8.7% and 18.1% of Americans of all ages suffer from phobia” (1). Phobia is "an exaggerated usually inexplicable and illogical fear of a particular object, class of objects, or situation"(2). Unlike simple fear most people feel when they take exams or give speech, A phobia is much more serious and long lasting than a simple fear. Phobia…show more content…
Complex phobias tend to be more intense than simple phobias. They usually develop during adulthood. This include two kinds. The first kind is agoraphobia or fear of open space. Agoraphobia is fear of places and situations which they cannot escape from. People with agoraphobia fear being alone, in crowded places, or on public transport(4). "Most people who have agoraphobia develop it after having one or more panic attacks, causing them to fear another attack and avoid the place where it occurred"(3). The second kind is social phobia or social anxiety disorder . Social phobia is the fear of social situations that lead to self-isolation. Some examples of social situation are going to weddings, parties, and ordering in a restaurant. There are multiple factors that cause phobias .One of these factors is age, Agoraphobia usually occurs in adulthood and late teen. Social phobia frequently develop in early life. Second factor is traumatic event, experiencing an incident. For example, attacked by a snack. Third factor is relative, a person can develop a phobia by observing a relative phobic reaction to an object. Phobia can include a lot of symptoms. The most frequent symptom of phobias is panic attack .Some characteristics of panic attack are dry mouth, racing heart, and chest pain(5).Other symptoms of phobia are an upset stomach, dizziness, nausea, and sweating(6). Phobia can lead to serious and dangerous complications ,such as depression, social isolation, suicide, and substance

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