Phobias In The Truman Show

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Through the forms of art, literature, and film have allowed for figurative and visual interpretations of symptoms associated with phobias and anxiety disorders. The Truman Show, depicts a character who suffers from a phobia with panic attacks, as they are a response to one another. Phobias are persistent and unreasonable fear of a particular object, activity, or situation where having a specific phobia is a subset. Specific phobias refer to severe and persistent fear of a specific object or situation not including agoraphobia and social phobia (Comer, 2012).
Irrational beliefs and attitudes that the characters displayed
In The Truman Show, the character of Truman Burbank suffers from aquaphobia a specific phobia of water and in his it is case large bodies. As a child, Truman showed to be curious, indicating that did not want to spend the rest of his life in his hometown. He wanted to be an explorer and sail around the world, but due to Truman’s unawareness of his life being televised he does not understand why is dreams of leaving are being discouraged. Truman’s fear was a manifestation of the television
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Cognitive hypnotherapy was used on a 37-year-old man who for a decade, suffered from panic disorder with a phobia of drinking water and other liquids. Even with anti-anxiety medications and counseling his symptoms did not subside and affected both his personal and professional life. Then he successfully completed six sessions of cognitive hypnotherapy where he began to gradually drink water and other liquids with fewer panic episodes. Also his anti-anxiety medication were lowered until it was no longer needed and was significant improvement in his personal and professional life (Ajinkya, 2015). There was no relapse when the six-month follow-up came, which shows positive results of using a combination of hypnosis and cognitive therapy to treat neurotic
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