Phoebe In Sharon Creech's 'Walk Two Moons'

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Internal and external

In the novel “Walk Two Moons” by Sharon Creech, Phoebe faces internal and external conflict that change Phoebe and her life forever. First Phoebe tries to make up ways that someone forced her Mrs.Winterbottom to leave instead of realizing Mrs.Winterbottom left without telling her or any of her family.Next Phoebe finds her mom and the lunatic kissing on the bench at Mike's school.Finally Mrs.Winterbottom brings mike home and Phoebe finds out she has a half brother. After all the positive and some negative stuff that happen in her family, Phoebe struggles with thinking positively about all the things that has happened to her family. First when Phoebe’s mother leaves unexpectedly one morning, causing internal and external conflicts for Phoebe and her family. In fact, Phoebe makes unrealistic ways why her mother left, then not accepting her mother left because she was not happy with who she was. The quote that proves my statement is on page 129, and it states “Phoebe prowled through the house,
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A quote the proves this is on page 222 and it states “ on the far side of the lawn i saw the backs of two people, an older woman and a younger man… On the bench was Phoebe's mother and she was kissing the lunatic.” This causes Phoebe to grow internally because normally phoebe runs away from her problems, but this time Phoebe did not she stayed put and faced reality. Another quote that proves my statement is on page 223 it states “Phoebe was stunned and angry, but she was braver than I was she could watch, but I could not.” These quotes show how phoebe grew by showing that phoebe did not run away even Sal ran away of the sight of Phoebe's mother and the lunatic together it shows phoebe has become braver in all her
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