Phoebe Life Research Paper

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Phoebe from the TV show “Charmed” has many growths over the seasons and changes in relationships involved within her life. Phoebe’s grandmother raised Phoebe and her sisters as her own. Phoebe had a hard time figuring who she is. Once Phoebe’s grandmother died, she left the family’s house for a bit until she realized she had nothing to strive for in life. Came with her sisters where she kept the house and watched her sisters’ life grow. Phoebe later goes back to college for psychology and meets her future husband. Later getting married, she gets a job as top columnists for a newspaper giving advice using her degree. Phoebe later gets a divorce and starts dating again to find the love her life. Once Phoebe stops trying to find the love of her life and starts pushing to be a better person. Phoebe life changes as friends disappear and she makes new ones from her job and ability to help people. Phoebe finds the love of her life in the least likely spot. Phoebe pushed me to do my best by never giving up no matter what happens in life. Everything in life is a pushing reason to strive forward. Phoebe has a hard time at the…show more content…
I had a hard time hearing for the first couple of years of my life until second grade. My second grade English/speech teacher noticed had issue of tonsils. Then, showing that I consider what people think about me and realize then look at it and there are many looks. Changing negatives in positive means, I can be ready for any situation. I run website, which records information of a non-profit. I have to be ready to explain why there having issue on websites, make sure it is fixed. Taking accountability when a mistake happens, facing head on to fix shows willing to admit mistakes, and knowing there is room for improvement. When I am is upset or emotional figures out how to improve those situations the best way. Not everything is correct for a first impression and looking at the different points of
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