Phoebe Prince: Should School Bullying Be A Crime?

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Phoebe Prince: Should School Bullying Be a Crime? The author’s purpose of writing this article is to inform the readers about students should not bully to anyone so they won’t get bullied, and how bullying in school affects to the students especially to a weak person. The author includes details throughout the article to help not only students but any kids and parents better understand why bullying is happening, and ways to prevent from bullying and it must stop, so no one can hurt on any individual. For example, the author discusses how Phoebe’s Prince story turn out to be so cruel. No one’s to blame of what she did to her life, because she had tried to end her life before she got bullied in school. When a student like Phoebe’s who was…show more content…
They can be weak, fearful, scared, and felt alone because no one’s around them to feel them safe and secure. Therefore, it is vital for parents should always look out for their children and talk to them regularly even though parents are getting separated or going through divorce. In addition, the author mentions about Phoebe’s death how lucidly sent to South Hadley into a spiral of disgrace and culpability. Phoebe was being humiliated by the immoral co-students, and for that reason, Phoebe made it impossible to remain in school. To stop this ruthless wrongdoing to individual, they must be punished. It is very important to punish bullies especially in school because bullying is an unacceptable anti-social behavior that can affect students’ academic and social outcomes, it can cause the victims emotional and psychological trauma, and a possibility to a serious violence or crime. Students’ who bullies co-students must be punished by eliminating them out of school temporarily and give them a year to change, so that way they will realize that bullying is not a game to play. According to this article, whoever made a crime and torture Phoebe’s mind must be charged and they must be punished temporarily, so…show more content…
We, as a parent should always communicate with our kids. Paying attention to them and talk to them regularly is very important to them especially living in this society this days. Phoebe’s case a very serious to me, I would punish and charged whoever did this crime to her if I were her parent. But I cannot blame what she did, because she was already on depression medication. I feel like she had enough and thinks that she’s not exist in this world anymore. I think Phoebe could avoid killing herself if she gone talk to school principal or to anyone. For example, if she went directly to principal and tell everything what the co-students did to her about bullying, principal could resolve Phoebe’s and students issue and she would not have ended herself easily. Moreover, if Phoebe’s parents are consulting her regularly like parents normally do, she would not have given up herself miserably. This article is very essential to students who likes to bully and to all the students who get bullied, they should learn from this story that bullying can seriously brutally hurt anyone. Therefore, we need to be convinced to each one of us to be careful what we say to anyone because saying things can potentially hurt other people. Thus, we need to be mindful to anyone, don’t bully if you don’t want to get

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