Phoebe Thunderman Character Analysis

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The life she dreams of is a very peculiar one. In her mind, she invents a new parallel universe full of many but slight and almost insignificant changes in it. The differences are mostly ridiculous and childish, for example having larger ears is considered sexy, to run to office a person has to be a cat lover and pineapples are outlawed after the horrifying Ananas Serial Killer reign of terror (in a bizarre way the murderer proved a fruit could be used as a mass weapon of destruction and havoc).
However, there is a single factor in her goofy alternative reality Phoebe Thunderman can’t help but feel undeniably guilty over, even in her own fantasy world. She feels betrayed by her own unconscious imagination for bluntly exposing her sinful soul’s
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They are no longer twins and they don't share that special bond, but what this crap even supposed to mean? Hasn't she wished countless times to alienate him from her? Didn't she argue once Max might be adopted, her parents' charity cause? Or was he the one to say so of her?
Either way, on a day to day basis, he annoys her, disgusts her and somehow make her heart skip (just the one beat) in a way it should never do for him.
If we weren’t related, she resists wishing every waking hour, if we weren’t…
Then Phoebe Thunderman reminds herself of who she is, who are her friends and family, her duty as a superhero and any other detail about her life to prevent finishing the thought. Her subconscious, though, is either unaware of the rule or disregards it completely, because it doesn’t stop the unspoken prayer from taking form as she sleeps.
You’ll burn in hell, an accusing voice screams in her head for that. Regrettably, she inclines to agree. As a result, the fake reality flickers to bright red and she tosses under her covers. She wants to go back to her previous dream, oh please I don’t want a nightmare.
“Phoebe,” Her best friend calls for her attention. “Are you
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