Phoenix Jackson In Eudora Welty's A Worn Path

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“A Worn Path” is a story that shows the struggling life of Phoenix Jackson. Phoenix Jackson is an elderly black woman that is nearly blind. She is experiencing many difficulties in life but she still manages to be very courageous throughout the story. Since Phoenix Jackson is an elderly black woman who is nearly blind that lives in an older time period, she is often disrespected and faces many discriminatory actions but she never looses her courage and her bravery. Race is one of the major struggles that Eudora Welty writes about Phoenix Jackson. Phoenix Jackson is a Southern black woman who lives in a time where there was great discrimination against black people. The writer of this paper believes that due to the society and character traits of Phoenix Jackson described in this story, she might have previously been a slave. She runs into racist characters such as the hunter. Originally, the hunter demonstrates a kind action by helping up Phoenix Jackson when she falls but that then escalates into him pointing a gun at her. He repeatedly asked her what her…show more content…
The writer of this paper believes that the life of Phoenix Jackson represents all the struggles and disadvantages that one has to fight in order to achieve their goal especially when they live in a society where they are against all odds. The writer of this paper believes that Phoenix Jackson demonstrates her struggle to achieve her goals by being an old African-American woman in predominately white area blindly walking miles across town to pick up medicine for her grandson where she is confronted several times by white Southerners who are discriminatory towards African-American people such as herself. The actions that she bravely demonstrates are reasons to believe that Eudora Welty did not describe Phoenix Jackson and a Southern African-American stereotype, but a symbol of immortality (Isaacs
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