Phoenix Jackson Obstacles

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Introduction: In the story “A Worn Path,” Eudora Welty shows the character Phoenix Jackson as living in a time period where racial judgment is out of control. Phoenix Jackson is a grandmother whose incentive for living is her grandson. She has many obstacles both physically and mentally through her journey. Thesis: In “A Worn Path,” Eudora Welty creates a fictional character, Phoenix Jackson who is forceful, wise, and loving.

Body Paragraph #1: Forceful
Phoenix’s feet act as her compass, testing her strength though the woods. To pass a barbed-wire fence, Phoenix must “creep and crawl... stretching her fingers like a baby trying to climb the steps”(par 16). When the small thorny bush gets in Phoenix’s way she stays persistent. Even though she is worn out and tired she does not slow down. The hunter came back with his dog “ Well, I scared him off that time, he said, and then he laughed and lifted his gun and pointed it at Phoenix. She stood straight and faced him.”(para 55) This scene shows how Phoenix is forceful when the hunter hold the gun right at her face and she does not move. She is a strong woman and her character proves that with
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We see love in Phoenix Jackson by how she takes the long journey to get medicine for her grandson. In the story Eudora Welty enhances the unbeatable love Phoenix Jackson has for her grandson through drawbacks she faces, her health along with age, and taking the journey. Throughout the course of her journey she forgets her purpose, in her heart firm love she has for her grandson always lead her back on her path. Phoenix Jackson faces many obstacles on her journey but, none of them distract her from reaching the medical building for her grandsons sake. The hunter insisted “ Now you go on home, Granny!” (para 46) Phoenix says “I bound to go to town, mister,” (para 47). Phoenix’s entire journey signifies that love and willpower can get you anywhere in
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