Phone Use In School Essay

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Phones are a problem at Scioto that exists. For example, a teacher once asked a former student who forgot to bring their phone to school, and how her day was going. The student said, “I feel like I 'm missing an arm I didn 't even know I had.” The student realized what an ordinary school day is like without an electronic device. For instance, during class, while the teachers talking students will be on their phones. The phones will disrupt the whole class, especially the teacher. If a student is trying to concentrate, and a student is blasting music it can aggravate the student which is trying to work. That will prolong the student from getting their work done, and they would have to do it at home. Students at Scioto are distracting to other students around them when they 're on their phone during class. Some high school students will be on their phone while the teachers speaking, and will set a lousy example for the rest of the class. If not taken care of properly, it can become an issue. As an active and diligent high school student, I can say that being on your phone during class is disrespectful to others. Teachers and students also have their own work…show more content…
When considering the issue of phone use in schools it 's clear that Scioto needs to have better-enforced rules. First of all, it’s important to consider that teenagers are on their phones the majority of the day. Then there are some ways on how we can improve phone use during school hours. Such as using it only for homework, during lunch, and using it when it 's appropriate. If a teacher sees a student using their phone in class when they 're not supposed to, then they should take it away. After, four times of being caught then the student will only be allowed to use the phone when directed by a teacher. In fact, phones are a great thing to allow in schools, but it comes with a limit. So if students are more responsible and aware of their surroundings, then phones should be approved for only
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