Phones While Driving

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Would you agree that being on the phone while driving is not safe for you or anyone around you? I agree with the law that in some states it is illegal to drive while using handheld cell phones because the driver could get distracted easily, it is very dangerous, and it could cause car accidents. Phones can be very distracting. If the driver is worried about something happening on their phone they are less likely to pay attention to the road. Also, if the driver is in an argument with someone over the phone and it is really bothering them, they would have their mind on that and not the road. If the driver would just leave their phone down until they got to where they were going to reply they would have more focus on the road. The driver would be less…show more content…
If this happened to the driver you would regret the choice of being on your phone. Car accidents are most common from distracted drivers. If the driver was to take their eyes off the road for a few seconds it could lead to something very serious. For example, the driver could run off the road, hit someone or something, or they could even run stoplights or stop signs causing them to get a ticket. If you had a family member or a friend in the car you would not only run the risk of you getting hurt for your actions, but also hurting them. If the worst were to happen and someone was to die because of your actions you would have to live with that your entire life. It is very important to keep your eye on the road at all times so that car accidents are less likely to happen and save you and the people around you from getting injured. I think that it would be the smartest and safest decision for every state to make using an handheld cell phone while driving illegal so you do not run any risk. If you do not have your phone while driving you are more likely to not be as distracted, and to stay focused on the road. Also, you are less likely get into anything that may cause you or someone else hurt over
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