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Linguistics is the scientific study of language. It could either mean human language or a specific language. Linguistics is based on the study of phonetics, phonology, morphology, and syntax; in addition, to much more. Phonetics and phonology are the core bases of the study of linguistics. As stated by The University of Arizona (2011-2015) the study of linguistics is growing and is an impact on other fields like psychology, philosophy, and many more. Phonetics and phonology have different components. Thus I will be explaining the difference between phonetics and phonology. In addition, I will be also explaining the difference between constants, vowels, phonemes, allophones, as well as the phonological rules. Phonetics which is the sound used in speech is divided into three branches consisting of acoustic, auditory, and articulatory. Acoustic phonetics is focused on the sound waves that you’re producing with every word, and how it is transmitted from the vocal organs. To illustrate, it is more focused on the study of air waves that are reproduced from our mouths. Auditory has the word “Audio”…show more content…
Whenever we pronounce a sound we are actually pronouncing it while applying some phonological rules. Phonological rules are applied to assimilation, insertion or aspiration. When a sound is affected by a neighboring sound this is assimilation, for instance the sound /s/ in ‘cats’ and ‘dogs’ the sound /s/ differs from each word as a result to the neighboring sound. Insertion is when an extra sound, a short vowel is added in an unstressed syllable which is called schwa "ə", for example the ‘i’ in “sanity”. Aspiration is the forceful use of air coming out at the beginning of a stressed syllable before a vowel. Consonants as /p/,/k/,and /t/ if used in a begging of a word followed by a vowel is considered aspirated, for instance the words “kat”, “pine”, and “tail”. Sounds combined together to make words is a phonological

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