Phonetics: The Study Of Phonetics In The English Language

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Pronunciation Difficulties
Phonetics: is the study of the sound of the language these individual sounds are called phonemes. There are many phonemes that are used in the different languages. Even a single language like the English language requires us to differentiate between at least forty phonemes. Some sounds might let us differentiate between the accents, identify the person who is speaking and the intonation helps us to indicate things that are beyond the meaning of the words.
The vocal tract: in order to study the sounds of any language we need to study the vocal tract. Any speech starts with lungs which push air out. The sound production in the vocal tract could be buzz which is the vibration of the vocal cords, the hiss which is the air is being pushed past a construction, and the pop of a closer released. After that we have the larynx or the voice box. It sits at the wind pipe coming up from the lungs, and then we have the
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• The systematic occurrences in the second language compared to the correct use of the native language.
Burt and Kiparsky (1972) divided errors into local and global errors. Global errors they cause miscommunication while local errors don’t affect the meaning or the message delivered. Breaking down the errors helps the teacher to deal with them separately. The teacher should first identify the error and then create a task that includes the sound the learner needs to work on and put it in context that has a meaning. Students can practice sounds through minimal pairs and then put them in sentences. The student can stand in front of the mirror and read these sentences and correct himself/herself. Role plays help the students to practice the targeted sound in real life situations. Tongue twisters are interesting and they help to practice pronunciation. Students can also listen to a song to learn how the singer is producing that sound and then practice by

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