Phonetics Vs. Phhonology Case Study

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Name: Maribel B. Dayola Date: August 7, 2015
Teacher: Lex Micheal Guritan Subject: M2

1.What is linguistics ? Linguistics is the scientific or systematic study of our language.It talks about how our language develops or works and use by the people in different countries.It also includes grammar , the sounds ,the signs etc. In case linguistics study about how our language work or develop .In studying these, we must consider everything that includes in speaking , writing , reading and etc that using our language.In these study we can a lot of it. It also helps us to understand more about our languages. It can also answer our question through language.
Therefore, in linguistics we can able to understand the forms of linguistics , the
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Phonetics it is a branch of linguistics that study the all sounds that people maybe the one who invented o created it that can be hear in different language in the whole world. While phonology is a branch of linguistics that study the sounds o phonemes in one language.
The difference of it phonetics vs. phonology is that phonetics is the study of sounds that maybe created by the people, that is found in all language.While phonology is a systematic study on how to use those sounds in one language to create a meaning .The comparing of the sounds of the other language and system to use the sounds to create a unit of sounds that may have a meaning.
Example of phonetics : æ as in cab, ɪə as in fear, eə as in pear, ɔɪ as in toy
Example of phonology: The hot dogs ran for the lake.
3 .Morphology vs. Syntax
Morphology is also a branch of linguistics that study about the morpheme or the smallesy unit ofv sounds that have a meaning while syntax is a combination of word to create and joining together it to create a sentence.
The difference of it is that morphology talks about how to create a words or also called morphemes, while syntax talks about how to create a word phrase and sentence .Syntax is form by the help og morphology that’s talks on how to create a
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Amen.” Example: Writing Responses are taken from the Diploma Examinations.
7. Descriptive vs, Perspective Descriptive means that describing what is language , what is language from the past , so means this study all about how language is being use now and in the past years while perspective means a rules governing or talks about how do language to use or not use .
The difference is that in descriptive your analyzing the language or what do speaker does , just describing how language is being use by the speaker while perspective grammars is guiding people how to use or avoiding wrong grammer , it is prescribe to do so that people will use their own language properly or particular ways or manners or how speaker should use the language.
Example Descriptive : I am older than him.
Explanation: Subject pronouns (she, he, it, and so on) are paired with a verb, whereas object pronouns (her, him, it, and so on) are not. Since the phrase "than her" doesn 't have a verb we can see or hear, some speakers choose an object pronoun in the context. ExamplePerspective: I am younger than she (is

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