Phonological Awareness Research Paper

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Phonological Awareness • Tile 1: What is Phonological Awareness? The site is an online handy handouts describing the phonological awareness. It also contains useful examples of phonological awareness, which according to me I would use in teaching phonological awareness. • Tile 2: Phonological Awareness, Reading, and Reading Acquisition: A Survey and Appraisal of Current Knowledge ( this Pdf may not open from here. It will open in symbaloo) The site provides useful information about the Reading Acquisition ; I prefer the article since it gives a detailed information on phonological awareness including a case study on how children understanding phonological awareness that is useful. • Tile 3: Phonological Awareness Activity…show more content…
It will open in symbaloo) The site provides useful tips on how to teach phonological awareness. It includes key tasks and examples on the topic that I would use to teach phonological awareness to students. • Tile 5: Why Phonological Awareness Is Important for Reading and Spelling The site addresses important key elements in the importance of phonological awareness. It also discusses the key contemporary issues on phonological awareness plus the key facts I, therefore, chose it. • Tile 6: Phonological awareness and the working memory of children with and without literacy difficulties. The site highlights research that explores phonological awareness and how learners understand it. I, therefore, chose it as provides in-depth detail on child’s perception to phonological awareness basing on research
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