Photography Career Research Paper

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When you take a picture it can last a lifetime or two, and I find that really cool because a camera can capture that moment. When I was younger, my mom would always take pictures of me and my siblings and would put them in a scrapbook. I would always watch my mom scrapbook. I believe a career in photography is the best career for me because I like to capture moments, fun to look at the good parts of the past, and sharing your past with the present. Some people wonder why photography is important. Photography is important because when people take pictures it 's saying what is important to themselves. Most people wonder what the minimum educational requirement is. The least amount of education you can have is a high school diploma.
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These are the things I need in order to accomplish my career. The way I would gain experience is by asking family and friends to be my models and by taking pictures at family events. My personality characteristics are dependable, discreet, observant, optimistic, helpful, trusting, and encouraging, these parts of my personality can help me with becoming a photographer. A photographer has to be able to encourage people as well as discreet and observant. My real life experiences that I’ve had with photography are with my niece and cousins and at this moment I 'm taking a high school photography class. The usual hours, a professional photographer’s work is 40 hours like most people. The best part of the day of a photographer is called the golden hours. The golden hours capture the best lighting at a certain time of day. The best time for the golden hours is the hour after sunrise and the last hour of light just before sunset. The most challenging parts of being a photographer are the copy and piracy problem, more advanced technology, and last but not least the bottom line. These are the top 3 most challenging things about being a
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