Photography In Schools

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Schools should provide a photography class because it promotes healthy habits, it can create new hobbies, and the students could eventually be a professional photographer if they carry it with them.

How much does photography impact someone 's life? Well, photography is something many people are fond of, it 's a great hobby. Many people don 't have time or money to go out and take pictures, so school could be a great place where students can do that. More schools should provide a photography class because it could endorse exercising, it can help kids try new things and form new hobbies, it 's also a nice learning experience students could work with their whole life.

Photographers don 't just stay in their house all day while taking pictures. They walk around, travel and explore. Doing this, it creates great, healthy habits. If students take part in a photography class, they would most likely want to do the same to get the best pictures they can. After walking
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Most people are afraid of trying new things, but if they do it with other people it could become less scary, so school is the perfect place. Since photography is such an awesome hobby it could influence students to form new ones. Some could say that photography could be a short lasting interest since the photos could get repetitive. Although, there are many different types of photography which could open an interest even more. A lot of people experiment with those different styles.

If one of the students really enjoy photography, they could become a professional photographer. Just about everyone wants to work at a job they like, so photography is a great choice if that’s what they enjoy. Yes, good quality cameras can be expensive, but that’s where school fundraisers come in handy.

This is why schools should provide a photography class to their students - it can provide a reason to exercise, it could help students form new interests and it could lead to something bigger, like a
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