Photoshop Persuasive Essay

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Photoshop is shaping an outrageously perfect standard that people strive to reach. This computer program is taking away from all natural beauty and making people do extremely damaging things to themselves to reach that “perfect waist line.” Why must Hollywood create such irrational goals for people to achieve? Even some celebrities say that they would rather not have their photos touched up. When teens look at these amazing pictures of other famous teens their self-esteem lowers, and with hormones running wild this can take a negative toll on a teen's confidence. Society needs to see that natural and inner beauty is more important than flawless skin, but photoshop is corrupting the minds of society to believe otherwise. As we have seen multiple…show more content…
As a result of unrealistic standards, teens start to feel bad about themselves. Most photoshopped images depict people having flawless skin, no fat, straight, white teeth, and amazing hair. “Teen girls tend to feel ugly and bad about themselves when they look at photoshopped women because: 1. They feel that they don’t match up to their beauty and perfection. 2. They don’t look as perfect and flawless as these photoshopped women.” (Radical Parenting) These photoshop shenanigans are also getting more extreme and out of hand, so much so that perfection is being a Barbie doll. It is promoting something that does not exist, perfection, and it is sending a negative vibe towards teens. So in conclusion, photoshop should not be used in magazines to create unrealistic standards that one simply cannot achieve. You should love you for you and realize that inner beauty is what counts. This sick technology is making teens feel bad about their body image and thus causing them to try dangerous and unnecessary ways to look “perfect”. If celebrities don’t like it, and feel bad after being edited, then why is it still happening? Let’s put a stop to this mutiny and start recognizing the natural beauty everybody
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