Photoshop's Obsession: The Need For Perfection

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There is a constant need for goals which are greater than our current way of living which make us work towards a greater path. There is need for perfection in our lives. But fear of the shadow paved by this path creates more obstacles than it tackles. It leads to bad choices made from fear of this path and eventually leads to a path we never intended to take in the first place and hence are filled with regret. Perfection is a daunting path and is one that we will never reach but it doesn’t mean that we don’t even work towards it. On the other hand, it means that we embrace our differences and our imperfections so as to be in a state of self-realization. This state helps us to understand our proximity to perfection. Rome wasn’t built in…show more content…
But it is made flawed by our aggressive approach. But people also forget that it is important to be the best version of ourselves and not of somebody else. This evident when we set fitness goals in comparison to others which is unrealistic and unfair to us. This is also the main reason why Photoshop is so unethical because it shows us unrealistic body images of someone else. It neither celebrates perfection or imperfection because it does not represent any of these two concepts. This in turn forms unrealistic body goals for the people viewing these articles or covers. Even celebrities like Kate Winslet and Brad Pitt have expressed their distaste towards the fact that Photoshop is being used to portray unrealistic images body images of themselves by the media. These image are not only restricted to covers and magazines but have transcended to TV and videos as well. Our belief of an average body image has deviated and has in turn become extremely thin bordering on the verging of unhealthy due to the medias portrayal of ‘perfection’. But there is an effort being made by many progressive nutritionist showing people unaltered images of themselves which in turn help people realize what ‘normal’ really means. Making this change helps us acknowledge that everybody is different and our ‘perfection’ is different as

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