Photosynthesis Lab Report

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Photosynthesis Lab Report

By Cheryl G11

Introduction & Background Photosynthesis is the process by which light energy is converted to chemical energy. It occurs within each chloroplast in most of the green plants, and Carbon dioxide is one of the main components of this process. Plants use photosynthesis to produce their own food (glucose), some water and the oxygen that we need.

The overall balanced equation is:
12 H2O+ 6 CO2 → 6 H2O+ C6H12O6 + 6 O2 Sunlight energy Where: CO2 = carbon dioxide
H2O = water
Light energy is required
C6H12O6 = glucose
O2 = oxygen
Through this experiment, we want
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Pour 100 ml into each plastic cup, then one mixes with baking soda, another one with liquid soap. Remember to label on each cup “CO2” and “ soap ”.
Show in Figure 1 & 2. Figure 1. Measure the water Figure 2. Label on the cup 3. Cutting leaf disks
Using a hole punch, cut 5 or more uniform leaf disks for each cup. Avoid major leaf veins. It’s better to choose the leaf that has smooth surface. See Figure 3.
Figure 3. Example picture of cutting leaf disks

4. Infiltrate the leaf disks and solution into each syringes.
a. Remove the piston or plunger and place the same amount of leaf disks into both syringe barrel. Replace the plunger being careful not to crush the leaf disks. Push on the plunger until only a small volume of air and leaf disk remain in the barrel. Show in Figure 4. Figure 4. Example picture of putting the disks into the syringe.

b. Pull in some volume of solution from the cup into syringe. One for carbon dioxide, another one for soap. Show in Figure
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The experiment that we conducted were successful in exemplifying the effect of the presence of CO2on the rate of photosynthesis in leaf disks. As predicted, the leaf disks in the CO2 Cup were quicker to float to the top of the water. According to the data, the disks inside the CO2 Cup (higher concentration of carbon dioxide) have floated up continuously after 17 minutes, but disks in the Soap Cup (lower concentration of carbon dioxide) haven’t even started to float during the same period of time. But this doesn’t mean that the disks in the Soap Cup won’t be able to float up, they just need a lot more time to go through the photosynthesis process and then produce the
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