Essay On Artificial Photosynthesis

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Are plants considered to be cooler than humans? Well plants have developed a smarter, cleaner and cheaper way to produce energy. This method is known as photosynthesis which simply converts sunlight, carbon dioxide and water into usable energy (carbohydrates) and oxygen (which is released). Although humans have a variety of energy sources, such as fossil fuels and wind turbines, most of these methods are expensive and harmful. For instance, the burning of fossil fuels increased the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which contributed to global warming. But recently, scientists have been working to develop a system that is able to mimic the process of natural photosynthesis, known widely as artificial photosynthesis.
Organizations around the world are competing to develop the world’s first stable and efficient machine that is able to
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The main concept was to produce large amounts of fuel without emitting harmful gases. It mimics natural photosynthesis since sunlight, water and carbon dioxide are also used to produce energy. Scientists have built a structural leaf and an antenna complex to collect light and they have also discovered a number of catalysts that is able to split water molecules into hydrogen, electrons and oxygen. However, scientists are looking for a natural ribulose bisphosphate to capture carbon dioxide and for more financial support since the nanotechnology required in the process is costly. Currently, artificial photosynthesis isn’t ready to leave the lab but once it is completed, it can change how the planet is powered. It can provide cheap and clean fuel for electricity and transportation and create a cleaner environment in the future by decreasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. These reasons make artificial photosynthesis an ideal source of
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