The Importance Of Photosynthesis

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“Photosynthesis is the most important reaction on Earth. “
–unknown (Brainy quotes). photosynthesis is a chemical process in which plants and other organisms use sunlight to synthesise nutrients from water and carbon dioxide. (source 1) Photosynthesis includes a significant scientific background behind it. The process takes place in chloroplasts, which is a type of plant cell organelle frequently referred to a plastid. They are recognised to be eukaryotic cell structures. The chloroplast a green pigment known as the chlorophyll. The function of the chlorophyll is to absorb light for photosynthesis.
Here is what a chloroplast looks from the inside just as well as the outside.
(As you can see Chlorophyll looks green due to its absorption
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(source 5) Every single living thing on the planet requires energy to live and energy is produced through food. Plants have there own method in getting their energy which is by using photosynthesis. The equation for photosynthesis is carbon dioxide + water ( using light energy) → glucose + oxygen. Xylems act as the veins of the plants, they take the water through the xylems and the water goes through the leaves. Afterwards, the leaves capture carbon dioxide from the air taking it into the plant. The carbon dioxide blends with the water. Energy also plays in the process and combines it into a sugar known as the glucose. The glucose is the plant food and gives the plants the energy they provide to grow, like us…show more content…
Firstly burning fossil fuels. Sulfur dioxide discharge from the combustion of fossil fuels (source 3) an example of this is petroleum, pollution released from vehicles (any transportation) like cars. We tend to rely on them to fulfill basic needs of living everyday. Another cause is agricultural activities as ammonia. One of the most used and dangerous gases used in the world. about 2000 to 3000 tons are being used every single day (Source 1). Which is very crucial. Mining operations is also a considerable example as dust and chemicals are set free into the air causing air pollution of course. As well as indoor air pollution, which includes toxic chemicals in the air and finally exhaust from factories and industries. They release a vast number of chemicals, monoxide and
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