Photovoltaic Energy Advantages

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The Advantage of Photovoltaic Cells The power source of Photovoltaic cells is great to use because it converts the solar energy from the sun into electricity directly. Energy is released by positive protons that are freed from the semiconductors. when they are freed this lets out a burst of energy. This is an effective way to produce energy because each individual cell produces 1 - 2 watts of energy. This is a compact way to produce energy because of a solar module. A solar module is a packaged and connected room of solar cells. Many people use them to power houses, street lights, calculators, road signs, and much more. Albert einstein found out the theory of the photoelectric effect in the year 1905. In 2014 the United States alone added about 14…show more content…
Also you must put them in the right spot to set up power grids because they need a power grid to convert the energy from dc to ac. Also low voltage output Begin Match to source 5 in source list: Submitted to 87988 on 2015-03-14may lead to increased waste of electricity since it cannot be transmitted onto the network (intermittent output).End Match With Begin Match to source 5 in source list: Submitted to 87988 on 2015-03-14theEnd Match power grids and solar panels you need to place them in the right area so the grids don't obstruct peoples views and the solar panels are not covered by any trees to get max efficiency. With this being said it will only be able to convert sunlight to electrical energy in direct sunlight. Comment [1]: Usually applies scientific language to communicate undertanding Comment [2]: Reference? Works Cited 1 "How Photovoltaic Cells Work - Solar
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