Essay On Phraseological Units

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The information carried by phraseological units is carefully organized and is exceptionally complicated. It is to be characterized by:
1) multilevel structure;
2) structure of a field (nucleus + periphery);
3) block-schema.
It has 3 macro-components which relate to a particular type of information they carry:
• the grammatical block;
• the phraseological meaning proper;
• motivational macro-component (phraseological imagery; the inner form of the phraseological unit; motivation).
Phraseological unit is a non-motivated word-group that cannot be freely made up in speech but is used as a ready-made unit.
Idiomaticity is the quality of phraseological unit, when the meaning of the whole is not deducible from the the meanings of the parts.
Stability of a phraseological unit suggests that it exists as a ready-made linguistic unit which does not permit any variability of its lexical components of grammatical structure. Vira Dribniuk, Chernivtsi National University, Ukraine, Typology of phraseological units in English

Now we are going to speak about word-groups that consist of two or
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There is no definite opinion as to how this section of the vocabulary should be defined, characterized classified, described and analysed. To make things worse there are no similar opinions upon this terminology. The term "phraseology" has different implications, such as in Soviet linguistics it is the whole group of expressions where the meaning of one component depends on the other, independent of the structure and the properties of the whole unit (V. V. Vinogradov); according to other authors it indicates only such set expressions which, as distinguished from idioms, do not possess expressiveness or emotional colouring (A. l.Smirnitsky), and also vice versa: only the ones that are imaginative, expressive and emotional
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