Psychodynamic Approach To Creativity Essay

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“Creativity is experiencing a global revolution. Since the 1990s, in many countries, it has assumed increasing importance in the school curriculum, contrasting strongly with previous approaches to creativity in education.” (Craft, 2005).

There are so many approaches that one can take with regards to creativity. Today we are going to hear from some of the greatest philosophers, who will provide some insights on a variety of creativity theories.

Our panel of experts for this debate consists of:
• Plato, who will argue the main ideas of the mystical approaches to creativity
• Sigmund Freud, who will attempt to persuade us that psychodynamic methods are the way forward
• Alex Osborn, representing pragmatic approaches to creativity. Unfortunately, Edward
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Now, we will move onto our next expert.
Mr. Freud, explain to the listeners, what would a psychodynamic methodology bring to creativity in education?
Freud: Essentially, this psychodynamic approach will allow students to use their creativity to convey what their unconscious mind desires. Similarly to Plato’s argument, psychodynamics involves the unconscious mind. Simply, I believe that “creativity arises from the tension between conscious reality and unconscious drives”. (Sternberg, 1998 P.6).
Host: Do you believe that is a big problem in our schools? That students are prevented from revealing their unconscious wishes?
Freud: I’m sure you will agree that school environments can be quite stringent. My theory provides students with the opportunity to communicate their inert yearnings without social ridicule. I’ll give you some examples; in art classes, home economics or engineering, students are given the opportunity to be creative. The pupil must abide by the rules and complete their painting, their embroidery or their building. However, they are afforded the chance to paint, to embroider, to design what is in their unconscious
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